Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Soy roast chicken with butternut squash and peppers...

I can't believe it's been so long since I wrote anything here.... And it's not like I'm not cooking, as that's what I mainly do at the moment, being a chef an all! ;) Working in the kitchen has completely changed my life - for better, for so much better! :D Unfortunately that means a little bit less of cooking and baking at home, as I come back so exhousted that I usually just collapse on the couch  - but that's what happens when you get up at 4.40 am to be at work at 6 am.... Still, wouldn't change it for anything in the world! But back to today's post, as I'll write you all about my new, DREAM job very soon (yes, I made that promise and commitment to myself and all of you reading my little blog, that I'll make time for more cooking, photographing and mostly - writing! So I promise NOT to abandon you like that anymore, never again :) )

Those who visit my little kitchen here, know that chicken is one of my favorite meats out there, cheap, so versatile and most of time quick to prepare and cook. As we took advantage of some good prices we bought 3 whole birds and cut it into portions - legs, breasts, wings (which I'm collecting in a little bag, to later marinade and grill!), carcasses (which ended up making a beautiful stock, which is in the freezer waiting for its turn).

soy roast chicken

I came across this recipe by coincidence. I received a book for review and was simply flipping through the pages, getting a "feel" of the book itself, the recipes and general style. This popped out, don't know why, but it did. I loved the colours of the dish, the fact that it's "all in one pot" kind of dish and quite simply to make. Simply - ticked all the right boxes for me, at that time ;)
The recipe comes from "Healthy speedy suppers" by Katriona Macgregor, I've changed the recipe ever so slightly. Kationa wrote a great little cookbook, which I'll be telling you all about very soon :)

How to make it...

Friday, April 15, 2016

Shortbread cookies....

Wow.... who knew that when you're a chef you actually do very little cooking and baking at your own house! I know, I probably shouldn't be surprised by that, but I still am... It's not that I don't want to cook and bake at home, or that I'm fed up with it (noooo, it's still the biggest love and passion of my life) it's just... I simply don't have that much time anymore... Yes, working as a chef involves crazy hours! Recently I'm on breakfast shifts, which basically means getting up at ungodly hours (around 5am...) and as a result passing out at around 8 pm! And evenings are where my "me time" - for baking, cooking, writing, reading books cookbooks, watching movies etc. But.... saying all that - I wouldn't change a thing! I'm living my dream at the moment and it finally feels like I've found "my place" where I fit just right! :)

Those of you who briefly followed my journey of becoming a chef, know that I didn't really cut, nor burn, myself during the training. Well, a lot has changed since then! I'm in a professional kitchen for about 6 weeks now, which resulted in slicing off half of my fingernail (including some of the meaty bits underneath...),lots of many cuts, not even worth mention, as they happen almost on a daily basis ;) and.... a nasty burn, after which I'm 1000% sure I'll have a scar.... NOW I know why all the chefs have tattoos all over their hands - to cover all the marks and scars! :P

But, going back to the recipe. It's something I did with my two little sous chefs - quick, and simple that even 4 and 6 year old can master :) This recipe for very delicious, not too sweet, very short cookies isn't mine, unfortunately, it's from Paul Hollywood's "How to bake". This one is definitely a keeper! As always, Paul didn't disappoint ;)

How to make it...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Chocolate truffles...

Yes, it's quite easy and quick to make your very own chocolate truffles. What's more - it will cost you a fraction of the price you would have to pay for the hand made chocolates in any of the shops, especially the ones from artisan food producers. Don't understand me wrong, I'm all for supporting independent, small, usually family own and run, local food producers, but sometimes nothing gives you more pleasure and satisfaction than making things yourself, especially when it comes to playing with chocolate!

Yes, making chocolate truffles is rather messy business, and it really pays off when you're "cold handed" like myself - but you know what they say "cold hands, warm heart" :) One advice when making chocolate truffles - do invest in good quality chocolate, it will really be worth it. As the chocolate IS the ingredient here, you really want the good stuff.

These little, indulgent treats are great as a little treat after a meal, or simply enjoyed with a cup of coffee, or tea.

How to make it...