Vegan tofu and potato croquettes...

Those tofu and potato croquettes are my family's favourite! They're very easy and quick to make and they're tasty either hot or cold (I actually usually double the recipe, as we love them so much). The vegan croquettes are also a great idea as a finger food for a party or "dine in" Spanish style tapas dinner.

Only few ingredients - mainly tofu and potatoes - and such a great little dish. I would highly recommend to use a kitchen thermometer for checking the temperature of oil (unless you own a proper deep fat fryer), as those tofu croquettes will fall apart if dropped into not hot enough oil - trust me, I learned this the hard way! Another good thing to use here will be a tofu press. Your tofu needs to be as dry as possible for the recipe to work well, you need to press out of it, as much of that water as you can! Either a proper dedicated tofu press or a kitchen towel and a pile of heavy books (or a can of beans) will work well here. 

vegan tofu croquettes

You can use other seasoning here, besides the ones I'm suggesting, to suit to your personal taste. Think Asian spices like more ginger, chilli, fresh chopped coriander, or go the other way, more Indian, with dry cumin, garam masala powder and turmeric. Whichever way you'll decide to season those tofu croquettes I hope you'll enjoy them1

How to make it...

- 250 g cooked and mashed potato, cooled down
- 250 g tofu, pressed and mashed
- 1/2 tsp ground ginger
- 1/2 tsp garlic powder
- 1/2 tsp chilli powder (or paprika, if you don't want it hot)
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 2 Tbsp cornflour
- 1 Tbsp gram (chickpea) flour
- oil for deep frying (like sunflower oil, it needs to be neutral flavour oil)


- Mix all the ingredients well together, you can add a bit more corn or gram flour, if it's not sticking together and the mixture feels too wet. 
- Take a tablespoon of the mix and roll between your hands to form a ball (roughly the size of a walnut).
- In a deep stovetop pot heat up the oil to 180°C-190°C, or use your deep fat fryer. 
- Gently drop few croquettes into the hot oil (do not overcrowd it, as the temperature will drop too much and they will start falling apart instead of frying nicely). 
- Deep fry until golden brown, about 2-3 mins. 
- Take out and drain on a paper kitchen towel or similar. 
- Continue until all croquettes are fried.

✅ Make sure your oil is back to temperature before you'll fry the next batch, to prevent them from falling apart.  


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