Vegan Spanish omelette - tortilla...

This savoury delight features layers of sliced potatoes, caramelised onions and instead of traditional beaten eggs - a mix of tofu, soy milk and our "vegan secret" - kala namak salt. Served hot or cold, it's a versatile and flavourful treat, that captures the essence of Spanish cuisine. On a sunny day it has the capacity to be able to transport you to sun-drenched terraces, lively tapas bars and the heart of culinary bliss.

vegan spanish tortilla

Spanish tortilla is not a difficult dish to prepare, and something I made quite a few times wile working as a chef in a Spanish tapas restaurant. I was told though, that many people make a mistake and dice their potatoes rather than slicing them - something I was told by my Spanish colleagues is a big no no...

It proved to be quite an easy dish to "veganise" and the old friend tofu worked here perfectly. I prefer to bake mine rather than fry it. I found that it "sets" better this way, I don't have to deal with awkward flipping of the whole thing upside down, and it doesn't require keeping an eye on it, as it won't burn at the bottom etc. I like to line my pan with some baking paper - saves the headache of sometimes sticking of the omelette to the bottom of the dish, also makes for cleaner and fuss free portioning!

vegan Spanihs tortilla omelette

How to make it...

- 1 big Spanish onion, or 2 smaller ones, sliced
- 1 kg potatoes, peeled and cooked "al dente", after cooling sliced into 5mm thin slices
- 2 Tbsp of olive oil for frying

"Egg" mixture:
- 280 g tofu, drained
- 300 ml soy milk, unsweetened
- 1 Tbsp potato flour
- 2 Tbsp cornflour
- 1 heaped tsp kala namak salt


- Preheat the oven to 180C (350F).
- Blend together all the ingredients for the "egg mixture" until smooth and without any lumps.
- In a big ovenproof pan (or standard pan if you'll be baking it in another dish) heat up the oil and fry the onion slices until soft and golden. Add sliced potatoes and mix with fried onions.
- Pour the vegan egg mixture over the potatoes and onions. Mix through well together. Level the top a little.
- Cover the pan with a kitchen silver foil and place in preheated oven. Bake covered for 30 minutes.
- After 30 minutes uncover the tortilla and bake for further 15 minutes to crisp up the top.
- Serve warm or cold. Keep any leftovers in the fridge.
- The tortilla should still be quite soft and "wet" in the middle (like in the original recipe eggs would still be), it will also firm up/set more while it's cooling down.

✅ If you wish for your top to be even crisper you can turn on your salamander/grill setting in the oven and grill it for 3 minutes - be careful not to burn it!
✅ I precook my potatoes - it's how I was taught by my Spanish colleagues to do, but it also saves me time as I don't have to fuss over the pan for them to fry properly with the onion, and it makes sure that all my spuds are evenly cooked.
✅ I made my tortilla with young, small potatoes and there was no need to peel them - that way they have much more flavour.
✅ If you're worried that your omelette will stick to the bottom of your ovenproof dish, simply line it with some baking paper like myself, fuss free, easy to portion and take out.


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