eBook - World of Polish Dumplings

Little book gathering recipes for Polish dumplings - steamed, filled, fried, cheese, potato ones and few more. Dumplings are staple in Polish cuisine. Used in soups, stews, with savory and sweet sauces or even served in milk. I'm sure everyone will find something that will satisfy their taste buds, remind them abut their childhood, their family home or introduce them to something new! 

Get this little eBook to have, at hand, tried and tested recipes for Polish dumplings! 
All the recipes are simple, easy to follow and ingredients aren't hard to get.

Don't waste your time trying to find a recipe online, a recipe which might not work well in the end...

The eBook also includes one of the most famous Polish dishes - potato pancakes, and a recipe for homemade, traditional Polish cottage cheese - twarozek, as it is used to make few of the dumplings covered in the eBook.

1. Traditional stuffed dumplings - Pierogi
2. Polish gnocchi - Kopytka
3. Sweet dumplings with plums – Knedle ze sliwka
4. Savoury filled potato dumplings – Pyzy ziemniaczane
5. Lazy dumplings – Kluski leniwe *
6. French dumplings – Kluski Francuskie *
7. Grey dumplings – Kluski szare
8. Silesian dumpling – Kluski slaskie
9. Silesian black dumplings - Czarne kluski slaskie *
10. Cut/torn dumplings - Zacierki *
11. Yeast steamed dumplings – Kluski na parze *
12. Poured noodles – Kluski lane
13. Laid Dumpling – Kluski kladzione
14. Bonus recipe: Polish potato pancakes – Placki ziemniaczne
15. Bonus recipe: Traditional Polish cottage cheese –Twarozek

* These recipes have not and will not appear on Anula's Kitchen.

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Each recipe fits perfectly on one A4 page -> easy for displaying on your tablet or handy to print out and have it on your counter top while cooking!

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