How to make your own Ribena / blackcurrant syrup...

I know some people can drink water, just plain water, I'm afraid I'm not one of them... Give me wine anytime! ;) Or coffee! But water... and yes, I know we should, we probably even have to drink such and such amount of water everyday, but I simply can't... I almost have to force myself do drink a glass of water - unless I was running, training etc, but that really rarely happens, that "training" part...

To try and drink something besides coffee (of which I usually consume something in a region of 3-4 cups a day...) I'm trying to flavour my water. Just recently I took an advantage of fresh strawberries and dropped 4 of them into my bottle with water - amazing result! I really didn't think it would make such a difference and that the strawberry flavour would be so distinctive - at this point I should probably stress out that I just can't stand water with lemon... just can't!

We're all familiar with probably one of the most famous syrups - Ribena - which is simply a blackcurrant syrup. So... being an owner of two big blackcurrant bushes in my garden, which were full of fruit this year (and somehow no birds found them before me!) I decided to make my own Ribena. It's super easy and you have only two ingredients! What you're waiting for - make your own! :)

home made Ribena

How to make it...

- 500 g black­cur­rants
- 250 g caster sugar
- 1 cup of water

Pour the black­cur­rants into a sink filled with water and skim off impu­ri­ties like leaves and float­ing twigs, then drain the water. Transfer the blackcurrants into large cooking pot, preferably non stick, filling about 3/4 of the way up. Add the sugar, water and mix. Set the heat on medium and cover. Cook for 5 minutes, then reduce the heat to low and sim­mer for another 10-15 min­utes, until all the juices run and the fruit is really soft and "squishy".
Remove from heat and let cool enough so you can han­dle com­fort­ably. Pass the mix­ture though a fine mesh sieve into a large bowl (because of that sieve you don't really have to "top and tail" the blackcurrants and remove all the tiny twigs etc.). Pour into steryl­ized bot­tles, or freeze in plas­tic bags, ice cube trays etc. for later use. To serve, dilute the syrup in water, to taste.
Will keep in the fridge for 2 – 3 weeks. Use frozen syrup within 3 months - you can easily freeze it in ice cube tray.


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