Chicken dhansak - chicken with green lentils...

If you're reading Anula's Kitchen for some time now, you've probably noticed that I'm quite a big fan of Indian cuisine. I just love how from boring chicken you can get a dish worth making for a party! I know that sometimes (well almost every time when it comes to Indian food...) list of ingredients is rather long... but once you have some main spices in your cupboard, you're good to go with most of the Indian recipes! You'll also notice that usually half of the ingredients on those long lists next to the recipe, are in fact spices only!
Once I've "stocked up" on garam masala, turmeric, cumin, coriander and few others - the rest of ingredients is usually in my kitchen all (well most) of the time :) Chicken dhansak was on my "to do list" for a very long time... and I'm so mad at myself that I've never tried to make it earlier! I loved the dish - I even tweaked it a little by adding spinach, which wasn't in the recipe. I ate the whole plate and it was the same story with the rest of my family... the girls even had seconds! :)

The below recipe comes from a fantastic cookbook "Complete Indian Cooking" by M. Baljekar, R. Fernandez, S. Husain & M. Kanani.

"Dhansak is a popular Indian dish, especially popular among the Parsi Zoroastrian community. It combines elements of Persian and Gujarati cuisine. Dhansak consists of lentils, vegetables, spices, cumin seeds, ginger, and garlic together with meat and either gourd or pumpkin." - by

How to make it...

Gateau a la crème fraîche ... by Raymond Blanc

OK, I should probably start with the statement that I'm not a huge fan of anything "lemony" - no puddings, cakes, ice creams etc. are on the top of my list but.... I just loved this cake, maybe because it didn't taste of "fake lemons"...? It's very rich, custardy, not too sweet and a nice(!) taste of lemon, a delicate one :) and to add more... both Baby J and Baby E loved it! When I got home from work (and Hubby baked it when I was away) there was hardly anything left for me! I thought I won't be even able to take a photo... so I think that's the best prof that this is delish!

Recipe comes from a great, great book by Raymond Blanc "Kitchen Secrets", which was proceeded by a TV series by the same title.
PS. Both the cake and the filling can be prepared day ahead and kept in the fridge.

How to make it...