French onion soup - Soupe à l'oignon...

I'm not a huge fan of onion... to be honest I'm hardly a fan at all... and the reason to that is that onion doesn't go well with me. Raw onion is OK, diced in a salad or on a sandwich but cooked, fired etc. onion kills me... I always(!) have such a huge stomach ache after I eat it that I simply stopped all together.
French onion soup is something my Hubby always wanted to try and he finally did. He loved the soup! I liked it. I was surprised by it's sweet taste and nice soft texture and I have to admit I really liked it, but then again... pain came after about half an hour after eating.
If you like onions try this recipe! You'll love it!
P.S. My Hubby used a recipe from Raymond Blanc's book and that's the exact recipe below.

"French onion soup (Soupe à l'oignon) is an onion and beef broth or a beef stock based soup traditionally served with croutons and cheese as toppings... Onion soups have been popular at least as far back as Roman times. They were, throughout history, seen as food for poor people, as onions were plentiful and easy to grow. The modern version of this soup originates in France in the 18th century, made from beef broth, and caramelized onions. It is often finished by being placed under a broiler in a ramekin traditionally with croutons and gruyère melted on top. The crouton on top is reminiscent of ancient soups." - by

How to make it...

How to arrange a cheese board - a cheese clock...

OK so I'm writing here about different cheeses and I'm encouraging you to try different kind soft cheeses: goat's cheese, blue cheese, hard cheeses etc. because even if you wouldn't like some of them - you'll know you tired it, and you know how it tastes (which may be a very precious information in the future, you never know).

I must admit that I don't (maybe not properly) know how to arrange a cheese board and what kind of wine to serve with different kinds of cheeses. But hey - life is a lesson and the fact that I'm not an expert in that matter doesn't mean that I can't enjoy it! So I did a small research online and found few useful information, some with very handy photos and diagrams.

"Your first cheese should be a mild one found using the mild icon and placed at the 6 o'clock position on your plate to begin your cheese flight.
Arrange your selected cheeses in a clock wise manner starting at 6 o’clock position and use the icons 9-12 o'clock , or 12-3 o'clock , or 3-6 o'clock in this step-by-step manner – you may skip icons or select more than one cheese per icon.
Alternate cheese selections between milk types and textures to create balance and harmony." - by
It's nice to have some fruit as well, obvious choices are: grapes, pears, apples and other fruits that are in season (like berries for example). I'd say that wine (for me at least) will be a matter of taste more than what someone thinks should be right - so experiment here!

Now I have to share with you something that my Hubby discovered - well maybe not himself personally but Jamie Oliver in one of his shows. So you take a slice of cheese (about 5 mm), a hard cheese like Cheddar, you spread some honey on it and you sprinkle it with.... ground coffee! Yes, ground coffee, a pinch will do.
Trust me on this one. When he approached me with this first time I told him his out of his mind! Oh, I was SO wrong! All our guests who are popping for lunch or just a coffee are now converted! Once you try it - you'll never stop.
Please DO try, do it for me (and you'll be really doing it for yourself!) and the PLEASE DO let me know how you liked it - I'm so curious as till now I haven't met anyone who didn't like that combination....

Spaghetti with curried chicken balls...

So we're back to business with one of our family's favourites: I'll be boring here - it's another(!) John Torode's recipe (I just love what he does with a humble chicken, if you don't have his book yet - what are you waiting for!?!). So if you like Indian food and want something on the budget, but something which definitely won't taste like something on the budget... you have to try this one!
P.S. It freezes well too, so don't be afraid to make more :)

How to make it...