Turmeric immunity boost shot...

Even though I don't own a juicer, I'm not missing out on some healthy daily juice dose - I simply use my smoothie blender to make it and then just pour it into my glass through a fine sieve 👌 

I am on a lookout for a good, reliable juicer, but they're quite pricey and I don't need one that badly... I found out that simply blending my juice ingredients (apples, celery, orange juice, kiwi, ginger etc) and pouring the mixture through a sieve, will result in a fresh, homemade juice, no sugar, nor anything else added! You don't have to sieve it at all if you can't be bothered - you'll simply have a juice with bits.

turmeric shot

I like turmeric, it has a strong taste, but one that I'm quite fond of. I know it's very healthy for you, but to rip all the benefits of it, you should always take it with a bit of black pepper, hence the pepper in my juice recipe. Add to it ginger, lemon and orange and you have yourself a vitamin bomb in a shot glass!

turmeric immune boost shot

You can read about many turmeric health properties here 

How to make it...

My immunity boost shot recipe:
- 1 cm piece of fresh turmeric
- 1 cm piece of ginger
- juice of one orange/mandarin
- juice of half a lemon
- pinch of ground black pepper
- 1/2 to 1 teaspoon maple syrup
- sometimes I would also add (if I happen to have it at hand) few strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or a bit of apple juice


- Put everything into a blender a blend for 2 mins, until you see that there's no pieces of anything left. 
- Pour through a sieve into a glass, drink immediately. 
- Alternatively, you can use your juicer, but I would advise to double the quantities. You can keep leftover turmeric juice in the fridge, but stir it before drinking. "Na zdrowie!"

turmeric juice


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