French Madeleines made vegan...

I wanted to make the world famous madeleines for ages now, but there was one thing stopping me -> lack of that traditional madeleine mould. Just recently I've finally treated myself to one! I just wish I've done it earlier... 

Unfortunately the "quest" wasn't over. Now, there was a much more difficult task ahead of me, and it was to create/find that perfect recipe for French madeleines. If you google it you'll get hundreds of them - but which one to trust and especially when it comes to their plant based version...

First attempt ended... in total failure :( the trial resulted in "madeleine pancakes", which even tasted quite OK, but that's where all the positives ended... Didn't give up and within a week decided to try again. The result -> little crispy/crunchy on the outside and so soft and crumbly inside. Proper tasting AND looking French madeleines. A success!

How to make it...

- 1 cup all-purpose or spelt flour or gluten-free flour
- 1 teaspoon baking powder
- 75 g caster sugar
- ¼ teaspoon salt
- ½ cup oat or soy milk
- 45 ml vegetable oil
- 1 tablespoon lemon juice
- 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


- Brush 2 x 12 madeleine moulds with melted vegan butter and leave to set, then dust with flour, tapping out the excess. 
- Preheat the oven to 180C. 
- Sift the flour, baking powder salt and sugar together. 
- In a jug whisk milk, oil and lemon juice together.
- Stir wet mixture into the dry ingredients and stir together until just combined.
- Fill each of the moulds three-quarters full with the mixture.
- Bake for about 12-15 minutes until puffed up and golden. 
- Leave to cool slightly, then carefully remove from the tins and.... enjoy!


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