The Lady Guinness recipe...

Everyone who knows me, knows well that I'm not a fan of Guinness. I know I live in Ireland, but still can't drink it, even if it's freshly poured in a pub. It's too bitter for me and too heavy, but surprisingly I like the smell of Guinness, quite a lot actually. 

They have a drink called Kir in Brittany, France (made with Breton cider and a measure of crème de cassis - blackcurrant liqueur) we sure to have something similar in Ireland, no...? And we do! I've heard, that pubs in Ireland would add a blackcurrant syrup to your Guinness if you ask, but it's viewed by locals as "desecration", so be careful what you're asking for ;) 

So, thinking down the same lines as they do in France, why not add blackcurrant liqueur instead of syrup - surely that will be better, as it won't "dilute" your Guinness ;) I vaguely remember reading about something like that online and I think it was called "The Lady Guinness". Now the most important - what a surprise, I like it! 

It makes the Guinness that bit sweeter, but not "weaker" and that very distinctive smell of Guinness is there too. Even if you don't like Guinness, give the below drink a go, I think you'll be surprised at how much you might enjoy this, and it's only 2 ingredients!

How to make it...

- 1 can of cold Guinness
- 1 measure of blackcurrant liqueur


Take a beer serving glass - or something little smaller and "delicate" like mine - pour your blackcurrant liqueur first and top it up, gently, with Guinness. Nothing else left, but to enjoy!


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  1. Excellent recipe, I can say that it's a must try item. I will try this very soon and will let you know how the taste was.


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