The Lady Guinness recipe...

Everyone who knows me, knows well that I'm not a fan of Guinness. It's too bitter for me and too heavy, but surprisingly I like the smell :) They have Kir in French Brittany (made with Breton cider and a measure of crème de cassis - blackcurrant liqueur). I also heard that in pubs in Ireland they would add blackcurrant syrup to your Guinness if you ask - but it's view by locals as "desecration" ;) So thinking the same lines, not wanting to "dissolve" the strength of Guinness why not add blackcurrant liqueur instead of syrup. I vaguely remember reading about something like that online and I think it was called "The Lady Guinness". And what a surprise! I like it! :) It makes it sweeter, but not "weaker" and that very distinctive smell of Guinness is there too! Even if you don't like Guinness, give the below drink a go! I think you'll be surprised at how much you enjoy this little drink - and only 2 ingredients!

How to make it...

- 1 cold Guinness
- 1 measure of blackcurrant liqueur

Take a beer serving glass - or something little smaller and "delicate" like me - pour your blackcurrant liqueur first and top it up with Guinness. Nothing else left but to enjoy!


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