Silesian dumplings - kluski śląskie...

Those are my favourite! As I'm from that part of Poland (actually from the very capital of Silesia - Katowice) those dumplings are no stranger to me ;) They are part of Silesian, traditional Sunday dinner which consists of: dumplings, red cabbage and roulades (stuffed with sausage, some pickles, onion) with a gravy. Oh, how I miss those family dinners... I don't make those dumplings very often, as I prefer to make them once in a time, but a huge amount of it and just freeze portions ready to be cooked. The recipe isn't complicated and I highly recommend to try them. They are great with some savoury meat sauce, mushroom sauce or goulash.

polish silesian dumplings

Left-over dumplings can be reheated or fried (like potatoes) for dinner/supper and eaten with left-over gravy or butter. I also like those dumplings simply with butter and sugar, like many kids eat them ;)

How to make them...
- 1 kg potatoes
- potato flour
- 2 large eggs

Boil the potatoes and mash them. Divide the mash into 4 equal parts and add the flour - exactly as much, as the amount of that one part of the mashed potatoes. It's just a simple 4:1 ratio. Add the eggs and mix everything. The dough should be like 'modelling clay'. It can't be too dry or your dumplings will dissolve in the water. Form small balls and make a little hole with your smallest finger ;) that's a traditional shape of the Silesian dumplings, little “sauce holder”. Put them into boiling salted water. Boil them approx. 3 minutes from the moment they resurface. If you want to froze them do that either before or after the boiling - both ways will be OK.

If you decide to freeze them - put them, straight from the freezer (do NOT thaw!) boiling, salted water, and simmer 3 minutes from the moment they resurface.


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