"Veganomicon: The ultimate vegan cookbook" by Isa Chandra Moscowitz & Terry Hope Romero... (book review)

Veganomicon: The ultimate vegan cookbook
by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Hardcover, 336 pages, 13 Chapters


This has to be my favourite vegan cookbook, literally MY BIBLE of vegan cooking and baking, and Isa is my Vegan Queen! So yes, this cookbook review might not be very objective, but I can't detach myself from this and Isa itself, my feelings (all those positive ones only) are simply too strong!

I'm vegan since 1st January 2019 (I guess it was one of those New Year's Eve resolutions, but one that I actually stuck with!). When you're changing your whole way of cooking and eating so much, you eliminate something you grew up with, something familiar that you almost do it automatically - it can be daunting at best of times, but it also means that you kind of have to learn to cook from scratch. You definitely have to learn and change the way you think about food and meals in general. It did mean learning (and discovering) cooking and baking from zero (hopefully to hero! 💪😅) but thankfully at that stage I've already discovered Isa and her blog

I tired few recipes from Isa's blog, and encouraged by fantastic results I decided to invest in one of her cookbooks. After doing some small research as to which one to buy, the Veganomicon had the best (raving) reviews and it also happened to be time of its 10th Anniversary, which meant a new edition of the cookbook was on the way (with lots more photos and some updates to the recipes too).

You'll find literally everything in this cookbook, that you might crave or want to try for the first time! There are vegan versions of foods we all know and are familiar with (waffles, burgers, pasta dishes) but also new ones to discover too. 

The beginning of the book will give you "know how's" about vegan kitchen rules, what to have in your pantry or how to handle specific ingredients. The recipes are easy to follow, written in a language that's not "chefy", nor pretentious (there's bit of a laugh between the lines to have too ;) ). There are no expensive, foreign sounding ingredients and you'll find dishes for all occasions, as well as soy and glute free ones or even low fat options! There's more than 250 recipes, so I'm pretty sure you'll find at least few that will interest you enough to make them yourself.

If you can/want to invest in only one vegan cookbook (there's also more than one chapter regarding baking, so your cakes/cookies/breads are covered in this one too!) I'd say Veganomicon is one to go for. I tried many recipes from this one (some of which became our family's favourite) and not even one recipe was a failure (in regards to method of making or the final result - the taste). If you prefer to simply only "tip your toes" into Isa's food, head over to her blog, but I'm sure that you'll want more ;) At this stage, I'm a proud owner of Isa's 7 cookbooks (but I know there's more out there!).

I paid for this book myself and was not reimbursed for this review in any way at all. The above opinion is my purely my own.