My own banana bread...

My own banana bread, and what I mean by that is, that it's my own tried and tested recipe. I'm on a look out for a good banana recipes since I can remember. It's way too often that we're left with very ripe, brown bananas, that are in need of some love and attention. Banana bread/cake is usually the quickest and easiest way of using those over ripe bananas, but I'm also looking for other ways, even how to use them in some savory dishes, any ideas?

banana bread

This recipe is a result of good few banana bread baked (as well as some banana bread fails...), and it's finished with caramelized banana on top, something that wasn't planned, but was a result of me wanting to use that one last banana somehow. It worked, and it worked really well! You can easily omit that step, and not put anything on the top, it will be equally good, but I think it makes it that little bit more special, ideal for when you have some guests visiting. 

banana bread

Hope you'll try to make my banana bread - and do let me know about the result!

How to make it...


The loaf:

- 3 very ripe bananas
- 60 g vegan butter or vegan spread, softened (like Flora)
- 60 g coconut oil
- 90 g caster sugar
- 90 g soft light-brown sugar
- 2 flax eggs (2 tablespoons ground flax seeds plus 6 tablespoons water, all whisked together until thick and frothy)
- 240 g self-raising flour
- 40 g wholemeal flour
- 2 tablespoons maple syrup or golden syrup

- 1 ripe banana, cut in half lengthwise
- 1 tablespoon demerara sugar


- Preheat the oven to 180 C. Grease and line 900 g loaf tin,
- In a bowl, using fork, mash the bananas well. 
- In a separate bowl (I always use my stand mixer with a K beater for this) cream together butter, coconut oil and both sugars. 
- Add the egg mixture and mashed bananas and mix well together again - yes, it may look "split" but don't worry, it will come back together once you add the flours. 
- Add the honey and follow with the flours, don't beat too much or too long at this stage, just mix everything well together, to one uniform batter. 
- Transfer the batter into your prepared baking tin and bake for 15 minutes.
- After those 15 minutes place your sliced banana on the top and sprinkle with sugar. 
- Lower the temperature to 160 C and bake for another 30-35 minutes, or until the skewer inserted in the centre comes out dry and clean. 
- Take your bread out of the oven and leave in the tin to cool slightly before you take it out.


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