Becoming a chef - week 11... Final week...

So the journey has finished... The best part has just begun! I'm out in the world, equipped in the skills, and a bit of confidence and belief in myself too, ready to work as a chef, to fully become one. All that thanks to an amazing teacher, mentor and a true gent - Chef Mark Doe.
If you were to ask me, 4 months ago, will I ever be a chef, someone that works in a professional kitchen, I would probably laugh in your face, sorry but I would...

Textures of chicken - chicken roulade with goat's cheese on a caramelized onion, spicy chicken goujons with lemon mayo, mini chicken pie and roasted vegetable flower

I can't believe in what has happened last 3 months, but what I can't believe most is... That I got THAT job! I got THAT job, job of my dreams... Few weeks ago I have set up a foot inside the kitchen, not as a visitor, not as a waitress but... as a chef. Chef's whites on, black clogs on, knives in my hand, ready to give my best, give all I've got! And... I got it!

Salmon tartare

Three weeks ago was my first time working as a commis chef in a professional kitchen, a great kitchen I must add! 4* hotel, 2 rosette restaurant and a bistro on site as well. I felt like "I belong". It's really so hard to describe, I simply can't find the words. I might not be able to say what I feel, but I feel so much! I'm happy, content, in some way accomplished, even though I know it's only the very begging of my journey! But I made it, in some way anyway ;)

Pork and black pudding boudin, salt baked root vegetables, apple jelly, baby betroot, bacon crisp and roast onion puree

During our last week of chef's training chef Mark decided to make a little competition - a mystery box, in which we've all excelled! It was great to put all our new knowledge and newly learned skills to use. Each of us was responsible for one full dish, and each dish was completely unique and different, just like us.

We've also made a quick visit to a local Gortbrack ogranic farm and Glenbeigh Shellfish, to see first hand how our food is produced and where it comes from. I think it's very important, not only for chefs, to know where the food is coming from, and how it was produces, especially when it comes to animals!

So, the training has finished, but I'll keep you up to date when it comes to my further adventures/career in the professional kitchen!

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