Becoming a chef - week 10...

I honestly can't believe that it's the second last week. I can't believe that I'm becoming a chef, slowly but surely.... but I guess that's what happens when you're living your dream - you simply can't believe what's happening all around you, and that it IS happening!

Fillet steak with horseradish crust, celeriac fondant, salt baked celeriac, roasted root vegetables, pepper sauce 

Roast venison, pommes Anna, chicken and black pudding boudin, braised red cabbage, crispy wild mushrooms, creamed mushrooms and spinach, jus

Venison pie

Week 10 gone and the dishes we've created got more advanced, complicated but also refined, and the plating resembles dishes you might get in a fine dining restaurant, rather than at your aunt's dinner party ;) I was absolutely blown away by the venison roast but... the fillet steak won me over in the meat dishes!

Bean and Chorizo ragou

Sole Veronique

The fish dishes were equally spectacular and they all tasted amazing. But we've made something I wanted to make a long, long time ago (I guess all those years of watching MasterChef took its tool ;) ) Sole Veroniqu! If I won't peel a grape any time soon, I really won't complain, but still - it's so worth it!

Paella style dish

We did a little bit of "travelling around the world" ;) with Paella style dish - so easy to make and so delicious, and what's best about it: you don't have to stir it constantly like you do with risotto. Second dish was wont tons, something I'm used to make but... it was the very first time I've deep fried them - let me tell you it wasn't the last time though!

Pork and prawns steamed and deep fried won tons 

The desserts were as delicious as they were pretty. Again one of my favourite things in the world - Baked Alaska, and don't even let me start about that chocolate truffles, pure heaven and dead easy to make yourself (will be posting a recipe soon, so you can make your own! :) )

Elder flower champagne sabayon with fresh fruit

Chocolate truffles and Ferrero Rocher inspired bon bons

Baked Alaska with passion fruit ice-cream on a vanilla genoise sponge

     - mine: still 10, still intact, woo hoo! 
     - other's: all OK too :) 
Hopefully it will be like that during the final week too (would be a shame, and a pain, if something were to happen during that last week of the course...)

You can catch up with all the weeks of my chef's training HERE.

Pear Tart Tatin