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Anula's Best Cakes of 2014...

December, especially the very end of the month always makes me think about the year that passed. I usually make "sum ups" of the best dish/cake/meal I had/discovered in each month of the passing year (2012 sum up & 2013 sum up), but seeing as 2014 was especially interesting and diverse in my kitchen I decided to divide the year into categories, I simply couldn't decide on one dish/cake only form each month! The Best cakes of 2014 is the first category I wanted to share with you. The second one, coming in few days time, will be all about savory dishes.
So to start with summing up of the year 2014 this is the list of 12 cakes that I think were "the star" of each month in my kitchen:

best cakes of 2014

April - Simnel cake

September - Plum & walnut cake

December - Gooseberry & coconut cake (recipe from July, 
as there was no real cake baking in December)

And what's your favorite cake from the above list? Have you tried baking any of them?

Also coming up:
Anula's Best savory dishes of 2014