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Best recipes of 2013...

Another year gone. Another one ahead of us. Last year was full of new discoveries for me, when it comes to new ingredients, tastes, dishes. My short trip to Mallorca introduced me to delicious ensaimada and churros. Through out the year I've discovered new dishes, ingredients and spices like sumac, pickled eggs, labneh (yogurt cheese). You can say that I've traveled around the world on my plate - and there's so much more so discover/EAT! Can't wait what's in store for me in the New Year! :)

Hope you all will have good, adventurous, prosperous and the most important... delicious 2014!

See you in the New Year!

SEPTEMBER - Hasselback potatoes

To the New Year so! Hope it will be at least as delicious as last one!

PS. You can also see a "sum up" of the year 2012 HERE.