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Tribute to the Queen of all Daring Bakers and my friend - Lis...

I though I knew what I want to write, what I want to share with you about Lisa, but no, as I still can't believe that she's not here anymore, I really don't know where to even start...

My heart hurts, I don't believe that I won't receive an email from her anymore - and those were some epic emails! Her sense of humor, wit, care and a very big heart for others, joy of life was always coming through those words I was reading. Although I never had a chance to meet Lis in person (and yes, we were planning to meet eventually!) it felt like I knew her my whole life. She would make me laugh, give me a kick to do something or just listened (well more like read) when I just needed to "went". She was always thinking of others. When she learned that I'm a big fan of The Sopranos she... sent me The Soprano cook book! Who else would do that?! She was a friend, a true one. She was a good person and there are so little of those nowadays. Well, I can assure you, that world just got a little bit more grayer without her in it...

A tribute to dear Lis - co-founder of The Daring Kitchen and a blogger on La Mia Cucina. Nothing would be good here now. But what I've done is I created a dish  myself, just thought of some ingredients, thought it may work together and I just went for it! Lisa always encouraged us (Daring Bakers and Cooks) that no matter the result - you at least gave it a go! And results were not always perfect! How many of those "not so pretty" cakes we've seen on blogs, how many pictures of some perfect cakes but... upside down on the floor! ;) How many times I've spend hours in the kitchen, sweating and swearing, but still I would come back for more. Daring Kitchen is a place where you're asked to push your boundaries, to try something new, learn and in the process discover some new tastes, ingredients, dishes. I think that at this stage Daring Kitchen has traveled all around the world with its monthly challenges. What a legacy to leave behind! I don't know what will happen to The Daring Kitchen now. Lisa was the one holding everything together, making sure that there are challenges each month, that everything is running as smooth as possible (mind you, there were some hiccups sometimes, but it just made things more fun!). I would like Daring Kitchen to go on, to continue, as I think that's what she would like. No, it won't be the same thing without her, but I think she would like us Daring Bakers and Cooks to continue being brave in the kitchen, to just "go for it", learn and what's even more important - have fun in the process!

Going back to my dish. I was thinking of cooking something from the cook book I got from Lisa but... I got a sudden inspiration and (with the daring spirit within me!) I decided to cook just that! It's partially based on one of previous challenges Ricotta Gnocchi, but it's totally my own take on it.

So, I'll leave you with the recipe below and... Thank you Lis for everything! For helping me discover the "daring chick" within me (something we were calling each other), for the laughs, for kind words. You'll be missed dearly! I hope that you're having fun up there! Cooking like a storm with Julia Child, drinking some red, enjoying that big slice of chocolate cake and listening to Cher in the background! Goodbye my Friend.

How to make it...

- 1 cup pumpkin puree (I used canned one)
- 2 cups potato puree
- 1 whole egg
- 1/2 to 3/4 cup plain flour
- 1/4 teaspoon grated nutmeg
- pinch of salt

Mix the pumpkin and potato puree together. Add an egg and once well combined add the flour. Mix well. Season with nutmeg and salt. Shape your dough into small balls or any other size that works for you. Put into salted, boiling water and cook until it comes out to the surface. Take out of the water and drain. Serve hot with some melted butter, fried chorizo or your choice of sauce etc.