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Knockanore Irish Farmhouse Cheeses...

"From the farmlands of the Knockanore valley to the pastures along the Blackwater river dwells a cheese company that is creating quality, artisanal cheeses.
These talented individuals have rediscovered what many believed was a lost art in Ireland. Through intensive study and a strong dedication to the art of cheese making, the Knockanore cheese makers handcraft distinctive cheeses to market for consumers to enjoy." - by

I'm always there to support good, local food. Local, natural and almost always a unique one. What's more - I just love writing about people with passion for food and Eamonn Lonegran is one passionate man. A man with a passion and vision, which both helped him create a fantastic product. There are 6, in total, different varieties of Knockanore cheese.
Generally I'm a big fan of Cheddar, a cheese which I've tried for the very first time when I came to live in Ireland. Unfortunately I usually find it way too salty for my liking. The Knockanore cheeses are salty, but just enough and I find that in all cases they have very nice, little sweet aftertaste.
You can definitely taste the full cream cows milk it's made from - something so rare nowadays! We should really get rid off all that skinny/skimmed stuff and stick to the full goodness of the mother nature. One has only one life and should use it to the fullest - and not to worry about all that 'fat free' crap that media try to almost literally push into our mouths!

Vintage White Cheddar
Very, very creamy, not too salty, nice smell and so versatile in cooking. Perfect on a sandwich - as simple as that! In my opinion it would also work great in a souffle or quiche. Simple, honest, real cheese - and sooo good!

Vintage Red Cheddar
Stronger taste than the white one. Very creamy, crumbly but not dry. Good quality cheddar, salty but not too much and has a little sweetness too. My Toddler loved this one! Perfect for a sandwich and/or shaved in a salad. I think it's my favourite one. It is one of the best cheddar cheeses we have ever eaten!

Garlic & Herbs
Not too overpowering with the garlic (you should be OK regarding the 'garlic breath' ;) ). Nice mixture of herbs. Perfect on the home made pizza! Also tried in a soup - sweet potato and cheddar soup. Smooth, creamy texture. Not dry, only a little crumbly.

Black Pepper & Chives
Nice kick from the pepper, chives is strong too. The general taste of this cheese is a little bit over dominated by the black pepper. Quite big chunks of pepper which can stuck between your teeth - the only small minus with this cheese. Tried in a soup: sweet potato and cheddar soup - worked brilliantly. Small piece will go a long way.

Garlic & Chives
Quite strong taste, but nice. Garlic is strong on its own but with quite sharp chives it is a combination I couldn't honestly enjoy alone. Will work great on a sandwich, quiche or pizza. My Hubby's favourite cheese of them all!

Oak wood Smoked Cheddar
Quite smoky! But I love it! Perfect on a sandwich with a company of some ham and sliced tomato. It's hard to find a good smoked cheese as lots of them taste 'fake. With Knockanore cheese you can 'taste the smoke' - you know it's a real deal! My Hubby's second favourite!

The cheese comes in a handy 150 g packets and is widely available in Ireland (most big supermarkets - Aldi, DunnesStores - and local delicatessen). It's also available in some local shops in UK and in artisan food shops around the world.
All the cheeses were great. I think that when you have a good quality ingredients (like that raw cream milk) the end product will always be good too. The different tastes of a humble cheddar are great change and bring that little something to your everyday food. You can be sure that it will be a frequent guest in my weekly shopping basket - especially since it's widely available in lots of local shops and supermarkets.

For more information about Eamonn and his fantastic range if cheeses can be found on

*I received a free sample of all the cheeses mentioned above from Knockanore. All thoughts and opinions stated in this post are 100% mine.


  1. Just bought and ate half of it! Love love it! And that it uses veg enzymes! And whole unpasteurized milk! When I visit I try to eat all the butters and cheese I can get me hands nice it's here in the states where dubliner usually rules the Irish sections!

    1. It IS good, isn't it? :) The whole unpasterized milk makes an awful difference when it comes to the taste! Glad you enjoyed it too.
      Pozdrawiam, Anula.


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