Monday, June 18, 2012

Lily's Tea Shop new pyramid teas...

In general I'm a coffee person but...when I drink tea it has to be a good one and it's kind of a treat for me. I was so happy when I received a little parcel with some rather unusual teas. Couldn't wait to try them so I've put the kettle on straight away... it was a good cuppa :)
At the end of the day everything is a matter of taste... so to be more objective (if that's even possible...) I've asked my Hubby to try those teas with me. So you'll be getting a woman's and man's point of view :)

The teas arrived in very nice box, all individually air packed (I presume to keep the aromas and flavour fresh for longer). The pyramids are quite big - which is an advantage, as the tea has 'room' to infuse better. All teas had clear colour and beautiful aroma, which filled my kitchen straight away...

"Lily Chen is originally from the Fujian province where she was reared on quality leaf tea. Over the years she has developed a strong passion for quality tea served in the most natural way. Lily is now settled in Termonfeckin, Co. Louth with Dominick and their two children.
Thanks to the accessibility to the best tea farms in China, Lily's Tea Shop only selects the finest tea leaves for her customers. We encourage the use of whole leaves from which you can enjoy each different unique taste and keep the whole nutritional benefit. Also by drinking leaf tea, you help to promote a healthier, more natural and eco-friendly life experience.
Lily's tea shop also provides a wide range of tea accessories, which enable you to savour the best quality tea leaves in an easy and convenient way."

Tropical Green - Green tea with lemongrass
box of 15 tea bags €5.95

"Top-grade whole-leaf green tea and lemongrass in a see-through Pyramid Gourment bag. Delicious and cleansing. Naturally high in anti-oxidants. Detoxifying and aids digestion." - Lily

Anula: refreshing, every day tea, not bitter at all! (I find most of green teas very bitter...), delicate, little lemony taste, very nice

Hubby: delicate, hint of green tea, dominant but very nice and refreshing taste of lemongrass, could be great as ice tea

Cloud Nine White - White tea with lemon and ginger
box of 15 tea bags €5.95

"Premium whole-leaf White Tea, Ginger root and Lemon Peel in a see-through Pyramid gourmet bag. It smells and tastes so gorgeous! Naturally high in anti-oxidants and detoxifying." - Lily

Anula: this was my least favourite but it was nice too, I'm afraid that a lemon and ginger taste was a little bit too strong for my taste, if you like stronger flavours this tea is for you

Hubby: very gentle flavours, ginger a little bit too dominant but all in all a very good and light tea

CinnaMint - peppermint with cinnamon
box of 15 tea bags €5.95

"Top-grade whole-leaf peppermint leaves and Cinnamon bark in a see-through Pyramid gourmet bag. Cinnamon bark adds naturally sweet taste to the striking peppermint. Sumptuous and refreshing. Detoxifying and aids digestion." - Lily

Anula: I just love peppermint and this one was no exception! there's only a hint of cinnamon (which I happen to love too), great tea after a bigger dinner :) beautiful aroma!

Hubby: too much cinnamon, but good combination of flavours.

In general - if you're looking for a nice, good quality tea look no further! You can really taste the difference between a bad, cheap tea and a good quality one - trust me on this! Like with the green tea - all the green teas I've tried in the last few years were too bitter for me, but not the Tropical Green one! The Tropical Green is a definite favourite of mine and my hubby's too! :) It's on my shopping list :) Lily's teas are very good, nice aromas, nicely balanced flavours. OK, they are a little bit more expensive than your supermarket ones, but... you know what you're paying for!
If you're still concerned about the price Lily's teas would be a great idea for a present or a treat from time to time for yourself - just like in my situation :)
I also found out that I can finally buy some of those blooming teas at Lily's too! Yupi!

For a great selection of good quality teas go here

*I received a free sample of the teas to review from the Lily's Tea Shop. All thoughts and opinions stated in this post are 100% mine.


  1. Some interesting flavour combinations there! What are their prices like? Do they have any special offers or deals?

    1. Hi James,
      yes the flavour combinations are great! The prices are higher than normal ones (for the above teas it's around €5 a box) but it's worth it! They do special offers and deals so I would recommend to check their website for details :)
      Pozdrawiam, Anula.


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