Sweet foamy milky jelly... like marshmallows :)

My Hubby in the kitchen - always sounds promising  and this time He delivered BIG time! In our little family we love fruit jelly, with fruits or alone as it is. It's always better value to make your own! You can improvise with fruits, tastes etc. but recently my Hubby went one step further - he incorporated evaporated milk in it! Result - fantastic, marshmallow like foam (and for me - a HUGE marshmallows fun - something great!). He made a layered dessert - bottom part normal jelly with canned peaches and top layer - strawberry foam heaven! Little Baby J was also very pleased with her new dessert option. It's also an easy way to give your kids more fruits - we don't have that problem with Baby J as she loves all kinds of fruit and veg. Recently she swapped a cookie for... a raw carrot and celery! What 20 months old baby does that!? Well it turned out - mine :)
Anyway, back to the topic of this post - if you like jelly try it! Or if you don't like jelly try it even more, cos in that 'form' you may actually like it!

I'm only giving a recipe/method for the foamy/milky jelly as for normal fruit jelly there's always instruction on the packet.

How to make it...

- a pack of fruit jelly of your choice (we like strawberry best), to make
- can of evaporated milk

Read what amount of water you'll need to make your jelly and divide it by 3. Take 1/3 part of water and 2/3 parts of evaporated milk. Prepare your jelly as per instructions but instead of using only water use water and evaporated milk.
An important tip: dissolve your jelly in the water only first (they will probably ask you for warm water anyway). When cooled down add the evaporated milk then.
Whisk your milky jelly mixture very well, incorporating as much air as possible. Whisk it every few minutes as it starts to set more and more. When you see that your milky jelly is foam like, divide into your serving dishes and put in the fridge. Wait till sets completely.

Hubby actually kept the container with milky jelly in a cold water and whisked it every few minutes, making sure that it's not setting too much on the walls of the container. You have to keep an eye on it!

P.S. You have to be careful with what kind of fruit you're adding to your jelly - your jelly won't set if you add fresh(!): kiwi, pineapple or papaya.