Eggs with chanterelle mushrooms...

Got back from my holidays in Poland. Can't really say it was a proper holiday (came back more tired than before going...) - running after 14 months old Baby J, visiting family, friends, some necessary shopping and of course visit in a clinic to make sure that Baby #2 is OK. Baby #2 is in fact better than OK :) growing and healthy and I also know... it's a girl to! My Hubby is doomed :P he'll have to start sitting on the toilet... :P

Anyway back to the merit. So I had one of my all time favourite breakfasts in Poland. As I can't get those mushrooms here it was something I was craving for a looong time. It couldn't be more simply but it's so good and it reminds my about all those great summer holidays spent in the county at my Nan's.
All you need is some eggs and chanterelle mushrooms - I took advantage of my mother-in-law organic eggs from her own hens and freshly picked mushrooms :) YUM!

How to make it...

- 2 eggs, beaten
- few chanterelle mushrooms
- 1 tablespoon butter
- salt and pepper

In a small frying pan melt the butter, add your cleaned chanterelle mushrooms (don't wash them or anything like that, just dust off any soil, leaves etc. Season with salt and pepper and fry your mushrooms for a minute. Add beaten eggs and make a scramble eggs in a consistency you like the most. Serve with some fresh roll or bread.