How to arrange a cheese board - a cheese clock...

OK so I'm writing here about different cheeses and I'm encouraging you to try different kind soft cheeses: goat's cheese, blue cheese, hard cheeses etc. because even if you wouldn't like some of them - you'll know you tired it, and you know how it tastes (which may be a very precious information in the future, you never know).

I must admit that I don't (maybe not properly) know how to arrange a cheese board and what kind of wine to serve with different kinds of cheeses. But hey - life is a lesson and the fact that I'm not an expert in that matter doesn't mean that I can't enjoy it! So I did a small research online and found few useful information, some with very handy photos and diagrams.

"Your first cheese should be a mild one found using the mild icon and placed at the 6 o'clock position on your plate to begin your cheese flight.
Arrange your selected cheeses in a clock wise manner starting at 6 o’clock position and use the icons 9-12 o'clock , or 12-3 o'clock , or 3-6 o'clock in this step-by-step manner – you may skip icons or select more than one cheese per icon.
Alternate cheese selections between milk types and textures to create balance and harmony." - by
It's nice to have some fruit as well, obvious choices are: grapes, pears, apples and other fruits that are in season (like berries for example). I'd say that wine (for me at least) will be a matter of taste more than what someone thinks should be right - so experiment here!

Now I have to share with you something that my Hubby discovered - well maybe not himself personally but Jamie Oliver in one of his shows. So you take a slice of cheese (about 5 mm), a hard cheese like Cheddar, you spread some honey on it and you sprinkle it with.... ground coffee! Yes, ground coffee, a pinch will do.
Trust me on this one. When he approached me with this first time I told him his out of his mind! Oh, I was SO wrong! All our guests who are popping for lunch or just a coffee are now converted! Once you try it - you'll never stop.
Please DO try, do it for me (and you'll be really doing it for yourself!) and the PLEASE DO let me know how you liked it - I'm so curious as till now I haven't met anyone who didn't like that combination....