Chicken with olives and lemons... a marriage made in heaven!

Another great, great, great recipe from a great book 'Chicken' by John Torode. We eat a lot of chicken lately mainly because it's cheap and good (of course if you buy a good product in the first place!). We always buy at least free range chicken and if possible organic - but organic tends to be crazy expensive so we usually opt for the free range one ( €6 for a medium size bird).
This time we decided to roast the whole bird. I didn't want a plain roast chicken though so we grabbed the book from the shelf and picked the one for which we had all the ingredients at hand. One thing - in the future I'll only use black olives (I don't like greens anyway), as I think they are more 'earthy' and the flavour goes better with the meat.
So don't wait any longer - if you planned a chicken roast do this one! It's sooooo worth it!!!

How to make it...

- 1 chicken
- 3 whole lemons, quartered
- 24 green and black giant olives (unfortunately I didn't have the giant olives, normal had to do...)
- 1 kg new potatoes (we omitted that part and we regret the decision now...)
- 60 ml olive oil
- salt and pepper

Season the chicken inside and out with salt and pepper. Fill the cavity with most of the lemons and olives and give it a good shake.
Put potatoes on a bottom of big cast-iron pot. Mix the oil with the rest of lemons and olives and squash them a bit. Put the bird in the pot on top of the potatoes and pour the oil and lemon mixture over it. Season well then put the pot into the preheated to 170 C oven and shut the door for at least 1 1/2 hours.
Check the chicken is cooked by sticking a skewer between the legs and breast: if the juice that runs out is clear it's cooked, otherwise put it back in the oven.
When done lift the chicken from the pot and pour all the bits from inside the cavity over the potatoes. Serve hot!