Fish cakes...

I know I have been away for some time lately - away from my blog I mean as I really didn't go anywhere. I'm sorry for that and I promise to be good from now :)
I had so many changes happening in my life lately that it was hard to keep up with my own private and professional life, not to mention Anula's Kitchen.
So from the beginning - I've got back to work from my maternity leave and had to leave Baby J at home with her Daddy. They are getting OK, more thank OK even. I'm at work 5 days a week 9 till 6 and have only 2 hours with my Baby in the evenings. Besides that, you would know yourself - when I finally have a day off there's million things to do: shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry and spending some quality time with the Baby.

OK enough with the complaining and back to the merit - it's a cooking blog at the end of the day ;) So, this time something very simple and quick to make. If you only have some mashed leftover potatoes (and who doesn't, I have never cooked just the right amount for 1 dinner only...).

How to make it..

- some leftover mashed potatoes (I had about 1 cup)
- 1 tin of tuna or salmon (in brine rather than oil)
- flour
- 1 whole egg (lightly beaten)
- stalk of green onion, chopped
- salt, pepper, ginger powder, sweet paprika
- dry breadcrumbs for coating
- oil for frying

Mix your potatoes, tuna, egg and add just enough flour to help keeping whole mix together. Season with salt, pepper, ginger, paprika and add green onion. You should aim for a light, play dough consistency paste, that you can form into little discs. With a tablespoon take some dough into hands, form a disc and coat in breadcrumbs. Fry on a hot, oil on both sides, till golden brown. The only things raw in your mix is flour and egg - and they both need little time to cook. Serve warm with a tomato sauce/sweet chilli sauce etc.