Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Daring Cooks #13 Stuffed leaves... done it, but not really...

This month's challenge was very interesting one and for sure very inspiring too. OK, I know I didn't really take part in this month's challenge but... there are few reasons to that.
First - with Baby J it's not so easy to spend a long time in the kitchen, without any disruption from Her (and there's usually a lot of it! especially now that she's teething)...
Second - Hubby is no longer at home with me, he's out usually from 9 till 5 so he couldn't keep Baby J occupied long enough, so I can make stuffed cabbage rolls (and there's a lot of work with it)...
Third - cooking at night is not an potion for me, I'm half asleep all the time anyway, so I really need all the sleep I can get (and I get it only at night, as Baby J is sleeping all night through till 8 am - woohooo!)...
Fourth - this month's challenge wasn't really 'a challenge' for me. In Poland we stuff cabbage leaves both with meat and vegetarian fillings. It's called 'galabki' (which literally means small pigeons - why? don't ask, have no idea...).

I'm kind of sad/ashamed that I'm not doing challenges EVERY month (both Cooks and Bakers) but it's just not possible at this time and place in my life - for which I'm sorry.

What I'll do is give you a link to my post about it. Hope you'll decide to try it someday - it's one of my all time favourites - but no matter how hard I will try, I can't make them as good as my Dad's....
I know that probably some of you will call it cheating, but please notice that I'm not putting blog checking lines here and I'm giving you my recipe for golabki, because I just want to share with you something I really enjoy and somethig which is a part of my heritage (being it not only a Polish dish, but also a great family recipe!).

So here's the POST - enjoy! :)

P.S. I would love to try and make stuffed grape leaves (as I had them when on holidays in Crete, they were great!) but I just can't find grape leaves anywhere her in Ireland :(


  1. Teething Baby J! So cute :-) I am so happy for you!

    And yes, taking care of her is the priority right now... I am sure you have to excuse yourself from DB..

    Btw, I am so curious about your galabki, looks so tempting to try...

    Ok, take care for now and try to have a good rest (whenever you can :-))

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  2. Hahah! I don't think it's cheating at all. Besides, there will always be time for stuffing leaves later. Babies first! Your golabki looks yummy, even if it's a year old. ;)

  3. I can see where this wouldn't be much of a challenge for you! Take care!


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