Cheese - French Rocamadour...

I know it was a while when I posted about first cheese for you to try :) With the Baby J, all other things to do around the house etc. I have less time for posting, but the time has come to add another cheese to my cheese board.

Rocamadour is a French cheese from the regions of Périgord and Quercy. It takes its name from the commune of Rocamadour in the département of Lot. It has benefited from an Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) since 1996. Rocamadour comes from cheese family called Cabécou. It's very small cheese in a shape of 2 inches flat disc. It is a very young goats cheese of just 35g that can be eaten after just 12-15 days of ageing, but gets more intense after a few months. When young it is often consumed on hot toast, in salads or, as it ages, on its own with a red wine after a meal.

Personally I love this cheese! Made with raw goat’s milk, cheese's rind is thin and inside is soft and creamy, with a subtle taste of milk and mould. The aftertaste is light and the aroma reminds me of hazelnuts. It will be perfect with white wine or very subtle and fruity red.
The only minus - it's SO small - so make sure you buy more than only one ;)