Saturday, July 17, 2010

The English Food Market, Cork...

I was in Cork good few times, but never properly IN the city. It was the first time that we actually took a stroll down the street, looked around the city centre and the most important went to the English Market. You can read about that place in all guide books, websites about Cork etc. it's a must place to visit (not only if you're a 'foodie').

I didn't expect a lot... Having rather bad experience with Irish farmers/food markets. But I was surprised, a lot! It's not a huge space but you can find anything you want. From all kind of meats, through seafood, chocolates, cheeses (both local and international), chocolates and spices/ingredients from around the world.

We have finally bought a Greek oil of olives (as I don't believe that Italian is the best, sorry to all proud Italians out there!). I've tasted few oils from different countries and I think (my Hubby has the same opinion) that the best oil of olives is from Greece, Israel and countries around that part of the world. It's a taste you can't compare with anything - light and very aromatic.

Besides the oil of olives I finally bought a huge selection of cheeses (which I can't get anywhere else in my area). They were all great, well maybe not all of them but I finally had a chance to try few I was looking for a some time now.

Unfortunately we didn't buy any seafood (although selection was big) or any meat as we had an over 2 hours way back home and didn't have anything to pack it in. We finished our visit in English Market upstairs, eating some lunch - well it was a lunch for my Hubby as he ordered a proper sandwich I spoiled myself a little with... Banoffie pie :) and hot chocolate.

If you'll ever be in Cork English Market should be high on your list of places to visit. I know I definitely be there now each time I'm in the city.
More info about the English Market on their official web site here.


  1. Seems like a must-to-visit place. Just love the various selection of chocolate and cheese. I surely bought some....

    Thanks for sharing the exciting experience :-)

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  2. Sounds like a great way to spend the day. So many yummy things. It would be too hard to choose.


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