"Chinese Food Made Easy" by Ching-He Huang... (book review)

"Chinese food made easy"
by Ching-He Huang

Hardcover, 191 pages, 12 chapters

This is a wonderful cookbook written by Ching-He Huang, who is one of the 'new stars' in modern Chinese cooking and she became a kind of celebrity chef, all thanks to the BBC series under the same title. She re-invents the nation's favourite Chinese dishes, 'upgrading' them with fresh, easy to buy ingredients and offering simple practical tips and techniques. Her style is unique and is visible throughout this book, which accompanies the TV series. Book is full of delicious, yet very easy to prepare, dishes. You don't need a cupboard full of Chinese ingredients - basics cupboard staples will do.

I love Chinese, and Asian in general, cuisine and its distinctive flavours. To be honest I used to rarely attempt to cook something myself, thinking that it's really hard work and too complicated (hopefully those times are gone and Asian cuisine in general is at our hands reach). This book is written in easy style, using language. I love just flipping through the pages, looking at those great, inviting photos and reading about those oriental dishes, Chinese ingredients and lots of handy tips for preparing those kind of dishes. Ching's book will be a great present for someone who likes cooking and is passionate about Asian cuisine, or just simple wants to try something new, but not too difficult at the same time.

This book will not only look good on your bookshelf, but you will actually end up using it ;) that one I can promise you, but in Ching's own words: "Cooking and eating wonderful food every day to me is more pure joy and a sign of our wealth. This does not mean that every dish need be extravagant or expensive - a well-cooked stir-fry or fried rice can give great satisfaction. in my opinion often the best tasting dishes are those simple classics cooked from the heart and given plenty of love and attention."

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  1. I've watched some of her show on the BBC, they also have some videos of the recipes on their website. I am thinking about trying the shu mei....thanks for the review and info!


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