The easiest cake in the world - but is it good?...

I'm a little sceptic if it comes to 'ready make' cake packs etc. I've made few of them in my life and usually they tasted ... well just 'fake'. You could taste some strange flavors, additions which shouldn't be there. On the other hand - what do you expect for a fraction of the price for all the 'real products' to make that cake... All that, until I made this one today... It's simply 'coffee cake' and it's good! I'll have to try their other cake mixes too someday. I know that 'Delecta' has a huge range of cakes, ideas for cold desserts, muffins.

This 'coffee cake' I made today couldn't be easier. Just 2 eggs, 100 g melted butter, 50 ml water and the 'mix'. Then just mix it for 5 minutes, transform into the cake dish and bake. The smell was fantastic! Light scent of coffee and freshly baked cake. The result was very good indeed. Already half of it disappeared - and it's only me and my Hubby here ;)
So my conclusion is - not all ready cake mixes are bad. As long as you go for a good product, from good manufacturer you can actually enjoy a cake within an hour (without huge costs and labour...). If you will have a chance to try this one (made by Polish company 'Delecta') do it.
Of course nothings better than real home baked cake, but sometimes, on those lazy days, you can take some shortcuts ;)