Makówki - poppy seed Silesian Christmas desert...

"Makówki is a traditional poppy seed-based dessert, most notably in Silesia where it is served almost exclusively on Christmas Eve (and perhaps on the following days, as long as the supply prepared for Christmas lasts). The main ingredient are: sweet white bread and finely ground poppy seeds boiled in milk with butter. Other important ingredients include: dried fruit (figs, raisins, apricots, dates, etc.) almonds and other kinds of nuts (the choice of nuts and dried fruit varies). It is flavoured with sugar, honey, vanilla, cinnamon and rum. The bread is cut into thin slices and layered in a clay pot or more often into a glass or crystal bowl. After each layer, the sauce of the boiled poppy seeds, with flavouring and nuts, is poured so that the bread is well soaked. The top is decorated with some extra nuts and fruit. The dish is served cold, at least several hours after preparation." - by

Enough with the facts and details, time for the way to make it. I remember this traditional Christmas dessert since... I can remember! At my family home, we usually use challah bread to make makowki. There's usually a lot of poppy seeds mix leftover from making 'makowiec' - another traditional Polish cake - so instead of throwing it away, we make this simple, quick dessert (well, I say dessert here, but it's also great as a Christmas sweet breakfast). 

Makówki is a typical Silesian dessert, so don't be surprised if a Polish man/woman you know, have never heard of it ;) It really is extremely easy to make, and I still remember assembling it as a child. 

Just a layer of sweet bread (challah, brioche etc), cover with hot milk and spread a layer of sweet poppy seeds mix (filled with dates, raisins, orange peel, honey etc), then again follow with the layers sweet bread, hot milk, poppy seeds, until you run out of them. Cover and chill in the fridge, to let it set. After few hours, simply take a spoon out and enjoy! 

Oh, I miss those little things when away from family home... especially during Christmas time, but by making those kind of dishes, straight from my childhood,  I keep the memories and traditions alive.


  1. Mmm...very delicious dessert. Wish I can try some of this.

  2. Another great dessert recipe from you! Looks totally delicious! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Anula, I have something for you at my blog!

    Sawadee from Bangkok,


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