24th Dec - Christmas Eve (Vigil) supper...

As you know (or maybe not, and if you don't know anything about Polish Christmas tradition please go here) today is my day for celebration. There are only two of us here - me and my Hubby - but we still had to cook traditional vigil supper, as it is in our family homes...

Christmas Eve Menu

Sour Beetroot Soup with sauerkraut and mushrooms ravioli
Fish - Breaded Cod served with roasted potatoes and sweet & sour stew of cabbage and mushrooms, Salmon with Lemon sauce, Monk Fish with Leak sauce
Almond soup, Star shortcake cookies, Gingerbread cookies, Italian Panetonne, Mince Pies and Christmas Pudding served with whipped cream
White wine, Traditional dried fruit compote, Still mineral water

Some of those recipes you can find on my blog already, some of them will be added later. So without any further delay - I'm going to enjoy my feast. Have a nice evening and if you're Polish - Wesołych świąt!