Homemade 'almost' ice cream...

It's 'almost' as they are lacking that nice, smooth, velvety consistency - but that's maybe due to lack of the ice cream machine... I did everything by hand. And it was my FIRST time ever attempting to make my own ice cream! :) Those are more like sorbet though, but... They are delicious! It's just spooning up, that has some difficulties... The other advantage is that I know exactly what I'm eating - no preservatives, E something etc. The taste is great and I'll work on my consistency next time - if anyone has any suggestions, a piece of advice very welcome! :)

How to make it...

- 150 ml double cream, beaten
- 500 g natural yogurt
- 500 g summer fruits (I used frozen)

Mix everything in a plastic container, the one you can freeze. Put into the freezer and every 30 minutes take it out and mix with a hand whisk. You're doing that to break those water crystals, to make your ice cream smooth (I did it only 5 times and I think that wasn't enough...or maybe I did or didn't something else...I'm like fish out of the water here :P ). Wait till set completely and enjoy!