A porridge you may actually like? ...

I know we all have those days when we try to eat healthy - and usually we only try ;) This is a porridge you may actually enjoy - or I hope you will. I eat porridge almost every morning, as I have noticed that when I do so, I'm not feeling hungry till lunch. When I eat for ex. a toast with Nutella :) I'm hungry after 2 hours... I like plain porridge too, but to make it a little different I try to add something to it. It's usually some kind of fruit (banana, strawberries, apple...) and maybe honey or maple syrup. Sometimes I may prepare it using a soy milk instead of cow's. This combination was delicious and I hope you will try it too :) To actually eat porridge you don't have to eat it alone, on it's own - remember that and you will no longer only 'try' to start your day with a healthy breakfast!

How to make it...

- 1 bowl of porridge, made using cow's milk
- brown sugar, to taste
- 1 banana, chopped
- 2 tablespoons chocolate shavings (to make it healthier I used dark chocolate instead of milk one)

Make the porridge as per instructions on the pack - I know that some of you may have to quick one (for ex. which will cook in a microwave) and some traditional (which needs a little of boiling and stirring). To a hot porridge (but already in your bowl) add the banana, sugar (as much as you like) and mix. Sprinkle everything with chocolate shavings. Eat hot.