Ciapki, goody - childhood breakfast...

Different idea for a breakfast. I'm working part time recently so I finally have time to prepare something more than traditional cereals and enjoy eating it slowly... This is another memory from my childhood. It's great if you have some stale, sweet roll but really any stale roll/bread will do. In Poland it's called "ciapki" which is really hard for me to translate into English. I was talking to my colleague recently and he told me that his mother used to do that as well. She called it "goody". I'm sure you will like it, if not love it. It's a comfort food for me. Enjoy!

How to make it...

- bowl of hot milk
- stale roll/bun/bread cut into squares
- brown sugar or honey

Put diced roll into the hot milk. Don't cut it into big pieces as it will expand when soaking the milk - or cut it into big pieces if you want to divide soaked roll with your spoon :) When soaked it will become very thick - yummy! Add some sugar or honey to taste. Eat hot.