Buckwheat with an egg sunny-side up and buttermilk...

I made it for lunch, mainly because I was left with some butter milk (after baking an Irish soda bread). The taste of butter milk reminded me of a dish, which I ate a lot when I was a child. My Dad used to buy normal, fresh milk and put it aside for 2/3 days to 'create' butter milk. It's very popular in Poland and Eastern Europe. I think that main reason is that it was very cheap and easy dish. It really doesn't involve much cooking - just boil the buckwheat and fry the egg - ready! :) Hope you will like it, but to do so you have to have a butter milk, not the normal one! It's great especially during summer time :)

Butter milk (as per Wikipedia.org):
"Whether traditional or cultured, the tartness of buttermilk is due to the presence of acid in the milk. The increased acidity is primarily due to lactic acid, a by-product naturally produced by lactic acid bacteria while fermenting lactose, the primary sugar found in milk. As lactic acid is produced by the bacteria, the pH of the milk decreases and casein, the primary protein in milk, precipitates causing the curdling or clabbering of milk. This process makes buttermilk thicker than plain milk. While both traditional and cultured buttermilk contain lactic acid, traditional buttermilk tends to be thinner whereas cultured buttermilk is much thicker... Cultured buttermilk is lower in fat and calories than regular milk. It is high in potassium, vitamin B12 and calcium. Buttermilk is more easily digestible than whole milk and it also contains more lactic acid than skim milk."

How to make it...

- a pack of buckwheat (you can buy it in bags ready to be boiled)
- an egg
- a glass of butter milk, straight from the fridge

Boil the buckwheat as per instructions. Fry the egg sunny-side up. Arrange the buckwheat and an egg on a plate. Serve with butter milk. Ready :)