Chicken broth...

Remember my chicken...? ;) Here's what I made from it - besides what I've wrote about already. After cutting it into pieces, dividing breasts, legs etc. I was left with some bones and skin. It didn't look appealing but it was perfect for making a stock and then - lovely broth. Very easy and very delicious! Some other ideas how to use as much of your chicken as possible - soon :)

How to make it...

- leftover bones from chicken
- 2,5 liters of water
- chicken stock
- salt, pepper
- 1 carrot
- pasta of your choice

Clean the bones under the running water and put the to the pot. Pour the water, season, add sliced carrot and stock, cover and boil. The longer you will oil it the better will it be :) In another pot boil the pasta of your choice - this time my choice was 'traditional tagiatelle chili pasta'). Put the pasta to a dish, pour the broth on the top, sprinkle some green onion on top and eat. I've also added some soy sauce and my broth had kinda 'oriental feel' ;)