Berry Jelly...

Yesterday, after a huge dinner (Stuffed Cannelloni) my Hubby 'demanded' the dessert... I was surprised he had a place...! So to not make the same mistake twice I made a dessert today :) Altogether I had 4 portions - so we can have it 2 days in a row. It's simple, delicious, but you have to make it in 'stages'. Trust me - the end result is so worth your effort.

How to make it...

- 1 pack of strawberry jelly
- 1 small can of summer fruits in syrup
- 100 ml cream

Divide the jelly for 2 and dissolve in 2 different pots/dishes. Fill up the first one with the leftover juice from summer fruits, the second with beaten cream. To your preferred dishes (the ones you want to serve the dessert in) put some drained summer fruits and add a little of jelly mix with juice. Put into the fridge and let it set. Pour the whole jelly/cream mixture into the dishes dividing it equally. Again put into the fridge for some time. The last layer will be another portion of fruits and the rest of jelly/juice mixture. Let it set. Before serving you can sprinkle some crushed meringues on top or add some freshly, beaten cream.



  1. mom used to make a similar dessert but with white cheese instead of cream and a pack of strawberry jelly.It reminds me of good memory...


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