Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter in Poland...

Hi all! Hope you will have a big Easter feast - I know I will, considering that I'm back at my family home! :)

Some Polish Easter traditions, for those who aren't familiar with them, yet...
Easter is one of the prominent festivals in the central-European nation of Poland. The rich cultural heritage of Poland is reflected in the Easter tide celebrations. While religious ceremonies follow the rituals of the Christian church, Easter celebrations have imbibed elements of native Polish culture.

"Pisanki" (coloured eggs) are the first unmistakable sign of Easter. The is an old tradition that one should cook the eggs in onion's peels. As a result we are getting beautiful golden eggs, on which we can scratch aa eastern pattern. Nowdays eggs have many different colours and can be decorated literally with anything - cutouts, wool, wax, colors...

The "blessing basket" is one of the unique Easter traditions in Poland. The blessing basket is prepared the Saturday before Easter Sunday. The basket, stashed with colored eggs, bread, cake, salt, paper and white colored sausages is taken to the church to have it blessed. This tradition stems from the belief that the Great Lent, which is the forty day fast before Easter, is not over until the basket has been blessed. Hence it is called the Blessing Basket.

Another traditional ritual is Dyngus or Smingus Dyngus, celebrated on the first Monday after Easter. On this day boys roam around the neighborhood to sprinkle girls with water. This custom of watering has its roots in pagan traditions since the pouring of water is an ancient spring symbol of cleansing and purification.

The family breakfast on Easter Sunday morning is an important part of Polish Easter celebration. On the breakfast table, each of the participants wishes the others of the family good luck and happiness and they 'share an egg'. The table is decorated with green leaves and a sugar lamb may be placed as a centre-piece. The food to be eaten is the one blessed by the priest.


  1. That egg is just beautiful. I never heard of this tradition. Neat.


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