Anjum's New India (book review)...

"Anjum's New India"
by Anjum Anand

Hardback (256 pages)

Chapters: Introduction, Before you start, Basic recipes, Light meals and snacks, Fish and seafood, Chicken, Meat, Vegetables, Beans and lentils, Rice and bread, Raitas and chutneys, Desserts and drinks.

It's not a normal cookbook. It's a place where you can visit different regions of India and sit behind the table tasting all those different flavors. If you like Indian cuisine or think that Indian food is nothing more that the famous curry, you definitely should buy this book! It will show you regional cooking and different ingredients characteristic for different regional cuisine. All recipes are preceded by small introduction of the dish and it's short history. You will also find some useful tips on preparing your own garam masala mix and basics of Indian cuisine.

The book was 'supported' by BBC series "Indian food made easy" - and easy it is! You don't have to order take away anymore, you can cook Indian food yourself. All recipes are simple, you don't have to buy whole bag of new ingredients, as you probably don't even know how to pronounce their name - although you will have to buy some basics like spices for garam masala or lentils.

Generally, this book is a great introduction to a very diverse Indian cuisine - for both novices and those who are already familiarised with Indian food.
This book is now one of my favourites and one that I use quite often too. It's a window to a fantastic and very diverse world of Indian food and culture. To say more - all Anjum's recipes always turn out perfect and you don't spend whole day in the kitchen either.

Some of the recipes I've already tried:

Red lamb shank korma

Kaszmiri lamb kebabs and roti bread

Tarka Dal

Keralan chicken

About the author:
Anjum Anand grew up in London but has also lived and studied in Geneva, Paris and Madrid. After gaining a European Business degree she decided to develop her interest in Indian cookery and, in particular, making her native food fresher, lighter and simpler to cook. She has worked across the world in innovative restaurants such as CafĂ© Spice in New York, the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles, and the Park Royal Hotel’s Indian restaurant in New Delhi, but her real love is delicious and stylish food that is simple enough to cook at home. She challenges fiercely the assertion that Indian food is a special occasion meal and is determined to make ‘cooking an Indian’ as common as rustling up a stir-fry. (...) She has family homes in Delhi and Calcutta and loves the regional and cultural traditions of Indian food with the passion of a real insider. She brought this passion and knowledge to her BBC 2 six-part series, Indian Food Made Easy (2007) and Indian Food Made Easy (2008). The series have aired around the world and her book can be found around the world. Anjum is a regular guest on the Food Channel’s Market Kitchen and a regular contributor to The Times Online food pages. - by