Tea for cold evenings...

Hmm, I know it may be too late in the year (spring is coming after all!) for cosy evenings under the blanket, sipping nice, hot tea... but actually here in Ireland it's about time for that! Weather is horrible - the wind, the rain... especially when you're living close to the ocean... So after a long, cold day at work - yes, I'm working Saturdays too :( - this kind of tea is perfect! Very comforting - especially when watching some nice movie, lying on your couch... hmmm... So don't wait - put the pot and dvd on!

How to make it..

- 500 ml water
- tiny slice of fresh ginger
- 2 teaspoons brown sugar
- 1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
- 3 tablespoons rum, brandy (or whatever alcohol you have at the time ;) )
- few slices of lemon and some juice
- 1 teabag of strong tea (preferably earl grey)

Put everything into small pot an boil. That's it! Ready :)