Lamb stew - comfort food...

Another dish made by my gifted Hubby :) Since we are living in Ireland we are eating lamb as often as we can. It's not the cheapest kind of meat you can buy but it's so worth it! It's delicious! You have to get a good lamb though as sometimes (especially in supermarkets) you may buy lamb but then at home when you prepare it... it's actually not lamb but mutton or normal, old sheep... So if possible buy it at your local butcher. This recipe is for one of our all favourites! It's easy and very good.

How to make it...

- leg of lamb
- 0,5 kg carrot
- 0,5 kg potatoes
- 2 parsnips
- 250 ml Guinness
- small tin of tomatoes puree
- salt, pepper and some herbs

Take the meat off the bone and chop it roughly. Season lamb with salt and pepper and brown it on the oil of olives. Make a stock from the bones adding salt, pepper and some herbs. When the stock is ready add it to the meat and boil it for about 30 min. Add chopped carrots, potatoes, parsnip and cook till all vegetables are soft. In the meantime add tin of tomatoes puree and Guinness. Season to taste and cook till tender min. bout 30 min. Serve hot with some nice bread or roll.