My Hubby's idea for fish...

Yes, my Hubby is a great cook. Sometimes we have even some small 'arguments' because of that - as we have different ideas how to cook what, but... when it comes to fish he's the best! This one is simple and very, very delicious!

How to make it...

- fillet of pollock or cod (or any other white fish)
- lemon juice, papprika, pepper and salt to marinate the fish
- 2 leeks
- 1/2 glass cream
- 2 tablespoons butter
- few baby potatos
- salt, pepper
- oil for frying

Boil potatos in the skin - this way they have very nice taste (of course before serving pill them). Chop the leeks for a small 'ribbon' like shape and fry them in the butter until soft. Season with the salt, pepper and add cream. Stir till the cream evaporates slightly. Fry the marinated fish. Serve hot - preferably with good white wine...